How I Learned “The Easy Way” to Burn Belly Fat

Menopause came and I soon started gaining weight.

Up till menopause I had never had serious problems with maintaining a healthy weight. I put on a little weight a couple of times in my twenties but was easily able to lose it with sensible diet and exercise.

With menopause and weight gain came these problems:

  • My clothes didn’t fit
  • I had a muffin top over my jeans
  • I had trouble breathing

Worst of all, I felt ashamed and sad and hopeless.

How could this be happening? I ate healthily and I was physically active.

What was causing this?

I kept gaining weight and I was worried that I was becoming obese…

I hated the way I could only wear loose fitting clothes.

And I DEFINITELY did not want my photo taken in a swimsuit.

I worried that my husband wouldn’t find me attractive any more.

I was also worried about my long-term health…

I knew that being apple-shaped increased my risk of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a whole range of other health issues.

I didn’t want to starve myself, I love food. It seemed I’d have to eat cardboard for the rest of my life if I wanted to stay slim, and maybe even that wouldn’t work.

Every time I went on holiday or Christmas came around I’d put on several pounds very quickly and have the devil’s own job of losing it afterwards.

It seemed like I just had to look at a slice of cake and I’d put on weight. I tried various diet and exercise programs which worked for a while but they were very severe and difficult to stick to.

They just weren’t sustainable or healthy, and they didn’t fit in with family life. Then covid came along and it was clear that being overweight was a risk factor for this as well.

One day I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t go on as things were. At the very least I’d need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

So I went looking for solutions. Lots of things were supposed to help, but what did science say really worked?

I scoured academic papers to find out. When I found a verified approach, I tested it on myself.

I built a system until finally I had a combination that worked. Over three months I steadily lost my excess belly fat.

Since then, I’ve been in control of my weight and my clothes fit comfortably again. And now I help other women do that.


If you are a woman 50 and over and you want to lose 20 pounds of fat in 90 days, without counting calories or killing yourself in the gym, AND you can afford to invest in your health, then I want to invite you to a Free Lose 20 Pounds in 90 Days Empowerment Session with me.

In your Free Lose 20 Pounds in 90 Days Empowerment Session you will:

  • Discover the #1 thing you are doing that is preventing weight loss, so you can stop doing it so you can easily lose weight
  • Learn these 5 Ultra-Fattening Foods you MUST avoid if you want to be healthy and burn fat. (Don’t worry, these foods don’t taste that good).
  • Learn WHY exercising too much actually causes weight gain
  • And much much more…

I do all of these sessions myself, and my time is limited, and so therefore spots are very limited.

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I have been very impressed with Jennifer’s grounded, compassionate approach and her skills as a weight loss/life coach. She has shared some of her life experience and I know that she has some foundational wisdom that has had a very stabilizing effect for me at this time. Although I started being coached in the area of weight loss, we’ve gone in to other areas which has also been very helpful. With her coaching I know I will have inevitable success! Jennifer, thank you for guiding me and teaching me, moving me forward. I feel your love!
Marlaina E., Canada

My coaching session with Jennifer felt personal and insightful. Jennifer created a calm and relaxed atmosphere that made it easy for me to talk openly. I really enjoyed the little exercise that helped me change my perspective and see things in a more balanced and helpful way. Thoroughly recommended!
Michael I, Scotland

My coaching sessions with Jennifer have not only helped me make progress towards my goals, but also helped me get “un-stuck” when I could not see a way forward.
Her warm and patient guidance helped me line up my vision with each next right step, always when I needed it most.
Thank You, Jennifer!

Madlen S, Arcata, CA, USA

I finally did know exactly what good and reasonable things I wanted – but it wasn’t happening.
Jennifer asked the right questions and suggested the right steps so that the right things did start happening.
Coaching – the art of the possible – and so very much is possible”

Al B, Scotland